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Women, Water & Online Investing

Women, Water & Online Investing

Along with some leading women in water, I launched WaterWorks - where we work to help people invest online in the water sector. We believe women investors can drive change, innovation and cooperation to help address our water problems caused by climate change.  As the former National Finance Director for President Barack Obama’s 2008 record-breaking campaign, I’ve helped raise millions online in the past - and now I seek to do it again for water.  But we need your help.

At WaterWorks, we’re working to engage women investors to address our water crises caused by climate change. The research on women investors is compelling:

  • Women show greater receptivity to sustainable investing than men (84% women compared with 67% men). Among Millennial investors, 89% of women expressed interest in sustainable investing. Source: Morgan Stanley, Sustainable Signals, 2017
  • “An unprecedented amount of assets will shift into the hands of US women over the next three to five years, representing a $30 trillion opportunity by the end of the decade.” Source: McKinsey & Company, July, 29, 2020

Please consider joining us - we need your help to build and scale this effort. We’ve built a strong and experienced national team, partnerships, and processes to merge three sectors: 1.) online investing; 2.) impact investing; and 3.) water finance demand. Let’s bring together more women investors to help change the future of water.

Julianna Smoot
WaterWorks, Co-Founder

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Julianna Smoot is the Co-Founder of WaterWorks, a fintech firm that seeks to advance potential water solutions by introducing investors to investment opportunities in companies and projects through an online platform at “WaterWorks” refers to a group of companies that is owned by WWF Holdings, Inc., which includes WWF Platform, LLC and WWF Funding Portal, LLC. WWF Funding Portal, LLC is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as a funding portal and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”).

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