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We're All In This Together

We're All In This Together

The sudden and ongoing impacts of the current global pandemic we face are sobering reminders of how vulnerable and interconnected our world is when confronted with such a shocking and uninvited guest as the COVID-19 virus.

Our families, friends and colleagues are foremost in our thoughts, and we are incredibly inspired by those that step up and serve their communities, even at great risk to themselves. We are reminded of our resilience, ingenuity, adaptability and tenaciousness.

We also are reminded of one constant, fundamental element central to the arsenal of defeating COVID-19 and many other crises: clean water.

And so it may be for the next crisis, and the next… Or maybe clean water will be the next crisis…

Large and small collective actions taken by organizations, communities and individuals will get us through this crisis, as they have through past crises. People will respond if asked. And, dare we hope, our collective actions to fight this pandemic may in fact be making a difference.

We can, perhaps, find opportunity in this current crisis to rediscover comfort in our commonalities, our service to one another, and the difference each of us can choose to make.

We are steeled in our belief that creating value for the world now seems the viable thing to do. And so, we continue to work and build during this time.

Through togetherness, we will emerge a stronger, more connected community; one that is ready to tackle the pressing issues of water that will be impatiently waiting for us when we re-emerge in our public spaces, neighborhoods and our new variety of workplaces.

The economic and societal effects of COVID-19 will be felt for months and years to come.

We are committed to building tools and collaborating to discover potential solutions that will outlast this crisis and serve us well into the future.

We believe passionately that this is an opportunity to reveal the character of our community and reinforce the impact we can achieve through collective action.

The economic uncertainty being felt around the world, coupled with the societal changes taking place, only underscores the importance of our work.

We are energized and inspired to build a global, digital water community. We are prepared to work through this crisis and lead the wave of purposeful and collaborative capitalism that will thrive and build a world where clean water and sanitation for all is possible.

We’re all in this together.