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We can’t go back to normal because normal was precisely the problem.

Normal Was Precisely The Problem

(Artist & Photographer: UNKNOWN)


On Christmas Day in Hong Kong, a graffiti artist had a message:

“We can’t go back to normal because normal was precisely the problem.”

The work has sparked conversations across borders, generations and traditional barriers of all kinds. The phrase cleverly conjures the essence of this moment globally. It’s as if we are going through a cultural x-ray and the resulting images reveal a broken and fragile ecosystem.

This correlates to all things but especially resonates with our project at WaterWorks. We have known what the scientists and innovators have been telling us for decades, and what is becoming clear and clearer every day of the pandemic — that the futures of civilizations demand a top to bottom reordering of our essential priorities and water is right at the top.The lesson of the pandemic is how little time we have and how much is at stake. The time to act is yesterday and we are up for it. We are building and leading a community of impact investors in the US who are focused on the issues surrounding water, sustainability, and infrastructure and are prepared to reshape the world.

Central to the arsenal defeating COVID-19: water. And so it may be for the next crisis and the next… Or perhaps water will be the next crisis.

So, like you, our work for water continues during this time.

Our community wants to meet your company and get started on this work together.

We know the challenges this moment presents, and WaterWorks is here to assist companies with raising capital during this period of uncertainty.

WaterWorks brings together investors with innovators to help advance potential water solutions. Our online community is energized to work through this crisis and build a world where clean water and sanitation for all is possible. You can learn more at