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Top Five Reasons to Invest in WaterWorks

Top Five Reasons to Invest in WaterWorks


At WaterWorks, we’re driven to make it easier for people to invest online in the water sector because we believe it will help bring technology and innovation to our water problems.

We believe both technology and financial innovation is needed to help address our water problems. Here are the top 5 reasons why we’re asking you to consider making an investment in WaterWorks:

1. Water Crises Are Here

We believe our water problems are here and now and they are not going away.  

In 2021 alone, we’ve seen the world experiencing:

  • Drought
  • Pollution
  • Forest fires
  • Plastics in the ocean

We see these problems and we’re not waiting on governments, banks, or philanthropy; we’re doing something about it - now. 

2. Online Investing is Growing

We see tremendous growth in online investing. We seek to bring those investors to the scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs that are developing technology to address our water crises.

Thanks to updates earlier this year to Regulation Crowdfunding, companies can now raise up to $5 million through online markets every 12 months from both accredited investors and non-accredited investors. 

Online investing and the equity crowdfunding industry have seen immense growth with millions of dollars being invested. We seek to bring this financing to the water sector.

By working to make it easier to invest online in the water sector, WaterWorks seeks to bring investment financing to the companies and projects helping to address our water problems. 

3. In Crises We See Opportunity

We view our water problems as an opportunity to help find and finance the next generation of technologies working on our water challenges and reshape the water sector for the better.

We believe there's an opportunity to capture the public's interest in the water sector and use it to help fund investments in impactful but overlooked water technologies and innovations.

4. WaterWorks’ Team of National and Local Water Leaders

Members of our team have helped raise millions online and now we’re trying to do it for the water sector to help address our water problems.

WaterWorks is a team of national and local water leaders. Our team members past experience includes senior positions within the EPA, the White House, and Small Business Administration and the states of California and Michigan.

5. Water Can’t Wait

We believe water can’t wait and the time for innovation in the water sector is now.

Our water crises are here - now. Please join us - and let’s go.

Through our investment opportunity on Netcapital, you can invest in WaterWorks and help us bring online investing to the water sector.  

Join us today, as we work to help future generations have sustainable, clean, and accessible water.

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