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About Us

A water investment community on a mission to advance potential water solutions.

Growing problems require growing solutions.

The Problem

Not crisis. Crises. Plural.

We believe that our water problems are coming at a pace and scale that we’re too often not ready for and because of climate change, population growth, limited public funds, and aging infrastructure we believe it’s going to get worse.



More people, ideas, partnerships, technology and financing. And it starts by asking for it. That’s where WaterWorks comes in.

Mission & Vision

WaterWorks seeks to advance potential water solutions by introducing investors to opportunities in technology companies and projects seeking capital. 



Build a water investment community.


Present water investment opportunities.


Help advance potential water solutions.

We believe...

Delivering clean water and sanitation to all people is attainable.
Healthy waters, from stream to sea, are achievable.
Water problems are local and can be solved locally.
Solutions exist which can help our oceans, watersheds and communities.
Investors can help reshape the world around them.