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The Freshwater Innovation Fund: venture capital for advancing water technology

Building on the success of Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA), we’ve launched a venture capital fund to invest directly in impactful water technologies.

In 2014, we founded CWA with the goal of creating an impact on water quality while building up the regional economy. In the years since, we’ve built a technology advancement ecosystem of 100+ water industry organizations, 30+ utilities, and 20+ research institutions.

With these partnerships, CWA created Accelerator Testbeds which enable water innovators to test, trial, pilot, and demonstrate their technologies within “real world” environments. We have achieved over 40+ technology trials, tests and demonstrations since launching two years ago.

With our testbed work, we discovered an additional problem facing water technologies: financing of early-stage water technology companies.

Now with our fund, we seek to leverage our success from the Accelerator Testbeds by investing in early-stage water technology companies which show commercial potential. Our Accelerator Testbed opens us up to uniquely impactful dealflow.

The Freshwater Innovation Fund will invest in advancing water solutions with the goal of providing opportunities for innovators, investors, and accelerated impact on our greatest global water challenges. Please consider joining us - let’s talk.

Bryan Stubbs

Managing Director & President

Freshwater Innovation Fund